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114 Surah Name Flashcards | Tamil

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Discover the Quran with our 114 Surah Name Flashcards for Kids. This set includes 114 laminated flashcards with key details like Surah names, Makki or Madani, Surah numbers, summaries, and illustrations. The set features a QR code for an interactive quiz game, making learning fun. Perfect for families and educators.

Product Name 114 Surah Name Flashcards
Author Yousuf Sunnah
Category Flashcard
Publisher Muslim Stickers
Language Tamil
Size 3.5 x 4 inches
Binding Tick Art Laminated Card
Number of Cards 116

114 Surah Name Flashcards for Kids

Help your children learn about the Surahs of the Quran with our Surah Name Flashcards. This set of 114 high-quality flashcards provides an engaging way for kids to discover the essential information for each Surah, making learning both fun and educational.

Our 114 Surah Name Flashcards for Kids are designed to offer a comprehensive learning experience that sparks curiosity and engagement with the Quran. Each card contains key information about a Surah, including its name, origin, verse count, summary, and more, with colorful illustrations to help children remember what they’ve learned.

Special Quiz Cards:

What’s more, our set includes a QR code that opens a unique quiz game with five levels of difficulty. Each level contains a mix of easy, medium, and hard stages, challenging children to learn and retain the content from 30 flashcards at a time. As they progress through the levels, they gradually build up their knowledge, leading to the full memorization of all 114 Surah flashcards. This gamified learning approach makes studying fun and rewarding, providing an engaging way for children to deepen their understanding of the Quran’s teachings.

Each flashcard includes key details such as:
– *Surah Name and Alternative Name*: Know the primary and alternative names for each Surah.
– *Makki or Madani*: Understand whether the Surah was revealed in Makkah or Madinah.
– *Surah Number and Verse Count*: Discover the Surah’s order and total number of verses.
– *Origin of the Surah’s Name*: Learn the background or reason behind each Surah’s name.
– *Surah Summary*: Get a concise overview of each Surah’s key message.
– *Illustrations*: Visuals that make learning more enjoyable.

The flashcards are printed on durable 300-gram art board and fully laminated for long-lasting use. The set also includes an introduction card and a QR code card for an interactive quiz game to test your child’s knowledge.

These flashcards are ideal for use at home or in the classroom, offering a comprehensive and engaging way to explore the Quran. Make learning an enjoyable journey with our 114 Surah Name Flashcards for Kids.

Ideal for families and educators, our Quranic Surah Flashcards offer an engaging way to deepen children’s understanding of the Quran and its teachings. Bring these flashcards into your child’s learning routine and watch their curiosity and knowledge grow.

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