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Arabic Alphabet Flash Cards


Arabic Alphabet Flash Cards

Item Arabic Alphabet Flash Cards
Author Saniyasnain Khan
Category Flashcards
Publisher Goodword Books
Language Arabic – English
Size 27 x 69 cm
Binding Tick Dual Side Laminated Board
Number of Cards 28 Cards
Children have a tremendous capacity for expanding their knowledge, especially during their first six years. That’s when they are most eager to learn new things, and learning and playing with flash cards is an excellent way to satisfy their natural curiosity. This Flash Cards have many special features that improve on the traditional flash card, so you can take full advantage of your child’s instinctive leaning abilities.

Learning the Arabic Alphabet can be easy when you have the right tools! This deck of flashcards features all 28 letters of the Arabic Alphabet, along with common words that start with each letter. Use these simple, colorful and interactive cards with your family to make learning fun. You will notice that we have added the “latin” phonetic spelling for each Arabic word, which makes it easier for any non-Arabic reader to read. English and translations are also included. These cards are great for any beginner of any age!

This deck comes with a bonus Alphabet & Symbols Pronunciation Guide, which is kind of like a cheat sheet that links the “latin” letters to the Arabic ones.

Additional details:

The front side of each card features an Arabic letter. The back side of the cards contain a word that starts with that letter, along with a corresponding cute image. The Latin spelling of each Arabic word is provided for easy reading, and English translations are also included on every card. Flashcards are printed on sturdy, durable, tear resistant, water resistant and grease resistant paper, with a silky finish.

This set has 28 cards


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