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Collection From Riyadh Us Saliheen (With Commentary on Ahadith) color Edition


Riyadus-Saliheen by Darussalam is a collection from hadiths from Al Imam An-Nawawi’s compilation Riyadus-Saliheen and features commentary on all hadiths it mentions. The commentary has been done by Hafiz Salahuddin Yusuf. The book gives guidance on various matters such as repentance, patience and perseverance, truthfulness, watchfulness, piety, reliance on Allah, struggle, moderation in worship, intercession, fear, hope, parents, husband rights, women rights, miserliness, death, manners, etiquette of eating, dressing, salutations, visiting sick, travelling, virtues, prohibited actions and forgiveness. The book is in English language and features Arabic text of Hadiths.   

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