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Don’t Waste Water Tamil Islamic Poster

Book Name Don’t Waste Water Tamil Islamic Poster
Author Yousuf Sunnah
Category Poster 
Publisher Muslim Stickers
Language Tamil
Size 13 x 19 inches
Binding Tick syntactic Board
Number of Pages 1

The “Don’t Waste Water Tamil Islamic Poster” is a visually captivating and informative piece of design that showcases the names of various prophets of Islam, in Tamil. This beautifully designed poster serves as a valuable educational tool, offering a quick and accessible reference for individuals interested in learning about these revered figures.

The poster’s layout is well-organized, with each prophet’s name displayed in bold and elegant typography, making it easy to read and remember. Alongside each name, there is a brief description or title that identifies the prophet’s significance within their respective faiths. This allows viewers to gain insights into the historical, spiritual, and moral teachings associated with each prophet.

The color scheme is thoughtfully chosen to evoke a sense of reverence and solemnity, while the background design subtly incorporates symbols and motifs from different religions, promoting a sense of unity and understanding among various faiths.

The “Don’t Waste Water Tamil Islamic Poster” is an excellent addition to any learning space, whether it be in homes, schools, Masjid, Markaz, Maktab, Madras or dawah centers. It provides an opportunity for interfaith dialogue, promoting tolerance, respect, and appreciation for the diverse spiritual traditions that have shaped human history.

Whether one is a student of knowledge, an interfaith activist, or simply seeking to expand their knowledge of different cultures, this poster offers an aesthetically pleasing and informative resource that celebrates the profound impact of these spiritual leaders throughout time.



Tick Board, Synthetic Board


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