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Kuppaimeni Soap (Pack of 3)

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  • 1. Acalypha Indica Flour – Made with / of Pure Coconut Oil / Not added artificial color Chemical & Cruelty Free / No animal fat
  • 2.Benefits: Brightens Texture of Skin / Removes Dead Skin cells / Absorbs Excess Oil in Skin Removes Suntan
  • 3.INGREDIENTS: Pure Coconut Oil / Neutralized Caustic (Lye) / Purified Water / Essential Oil / Acalypha Indica Flour
  • 4.OUR SOAP HELPS KEEP THE PLANET CLEAN. We make our cold processed artisan soaps by hand in small batches using all-natural plant-based ingredients. Our soaps are palm oil free. We use sustainable natural ingredients to give you and our earth a fresh long lasting clean.
  • 5.HARNESS THE POWER OF ESSENTIAL OILS to make your skin look and feel healthier. We have infused our homemade soap with essential oils known to complement acne treatments/ helps reduce fine lines & wrinkles/ soothe blemishes and redness / clean oily skin / Clean / healthy / and younger looking skin all in one bar.

1 review for Kuppaimeni Soap (Pack of 3)

  1. Bowjiya Zameer

    Ma sha Allah its Really Superb

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