Quran Bookmark Pack of 8

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Quran Bookmark Pack of 8

Item Name Quran Bookmark Pack of 8
Copyrights Muslimstickers
Catogry Bookmarks
Language Arabic and English
Size 15cm × 15cm
GSM 300gsm
Quantity 8 Bookmarks
What is Bookmarks?

Bookmarks serve as practical tools for marking specific pages in a book, allowing readers to easily return to their saved spots without the need to remember the page number. In the context of the Quran or any other sacred text, bookmarks play a significant role in facilitating a seamless and organized reading experience, especially for those engaged in regular spiritual study and reflection.

The use of bookmarks in the Quran offers several benefits:
  1. Continuity in Reading: By using a bookmark, readers can easily pick up where they left off, ensuring continuity and coherence in their study of the Quran.
  2. Easy Navigation: The Quran is a lengthy text with numerous chapters and verses. Bookmarks simplify navigation, enabling quick access to specific chapters or verses for contemplation and recitation.
  3. Personal Connection: Custom bookmarks can be meaningful and symbolic, creating a personal connection between the reader and the text, enhancing the spiritual experience.
  4. Memorization Aid: For individuals memorizing verses or chapters, bookmarks can help them review and reinforce their memorization progress efficiently.
  5. Organization and Preservation: Bookmarks help keep the Quran in good condition, preventing unnecessary wear and tear by reducing the need to flip through pages repeatedly.
  6. Study and Reflection: Readers can use bookmarks to mark verses that resonate with them or require further study and reflection, making it easier to return to those passages for deeper understanding.
  7. Teaching and Learning: In educational settings, bookmarks can be valuable tools for educators to highlight specific sections of the Quran and guide students in their learning journey.

Overall, bookmarks are indispensable aids in navigating, studying, and reflecting upon the Quran, contributing to a more fulfilling and enriching engagement with the sacred text.

3 reviews for Quran Bookmark Pack of 8

  1. Aysha bee

    Assalamu alaikum…..The bookmark of sunnah shopping is very nice…..Masha allah….not only the bookmark, every product from sunnah shopping is always best….and will be always best…. assalamu alaikum

  2. Raffeeka

    The bookmarks are in very good quality

  3. Raffeeka

    The bookmarks are in very good quality’s thanks to Sunnah shopping

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