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Trace The Quran Vol 2


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Trace The Quran Vol 2

Book Name Trace The Quran Vol 2
Copyrights Muslimstickers
Catogry Quran
Language Arabic
Size A4
Binding Soft Cover
Number of Pages 170 Pages

Introducing our Trace The Quran Vol 2 to help you write your own Quran and get closer to your deen.

This is a Quran which you can trace over, providing a special experience of writing Middle 10 juz of Holy Quran with your own hands.

If given as a gift, it is hoped that it may benefit both the giver and the recipient in the Hereafter.

Seven (at least) benefits of Write the Quran:

1. To spend more time with the Quran by reading, writing, and contemplating Allah’s words, knowing that there is reward for each letter that is read and written.
2. To develop the skill in writing Arabic with precision.
3. To expand one’s Quranic vocabulary.
4. To revise one’s memorisation and fortify Quranic memory by writing and reciting, as is customary in Quran seminaries throughout North Africa in countries such as Mauritania and Morocco.
5. To accomplish the writing of the entire Quran.
6. To attain mindfulness and relief from stress by the practice of sacred calligraphy as a therapeutic method
7. To have one’s hands be witness to this beautiful activity on the Day of Judgement, when the tongues, hands and feet bear witness to what they used to do.

Just Following the Arabic letters helps us become more familiar with the Quran’s letters, As well as:

– Strengthen memory allowing you to memorize the Quran quickly.

– Learn to write and read the Qur’an, as well as learn Arabic lettering.

– Leads to the growth of noble character which if this activity is carried out consistently, Insha Allah will foster a sense of discipline and patience.

Let your hands witness to this beautiful act on the day of judgement; “On a Day when their tongues, their hands and their feet will bear witness against them as to what they used to do” (An Nur :24)


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