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Velvet Mini Qur’an with golden brass cutout and fancy box


Velvet Mini Qur’an | 13 Lines

• 13 lines on each page.
• Indo-Pak Script
• Velvet cover
• Golden brass cutout
• Comes along with a mini box.
• Ideal for gifting

It’s a great pleasure for GIP Bookstore to introduce this mini-Qur’an in India. This is a small attempt to help readers become familiar with the glorious message of Allah. The size of this Qur’an makes it very easy to carry. Moreover, this mini-Qur’an’s portability and beautiful cover make it a great gift for your loved ones. This is a Qur’an gift set for weddings, Eid, birthdays and other special occasions. The Holy Qur’an is a compilation of the verbal revelations given to the Holy Prophet (S). It contains directives for its followers, historical accounts of certain prophets, blessings for the believers, and warnings for the disbelievers. This is a travel-friendly mini Qur’an.

Title Velvet Mini Qur’an | 13 Lines
Language Arabic
Size Mini Size: 10.50 × 6.80 × 0.40 cm
Type Mini Quran
Number of pages 172


Manufacturer Global Islamic Publications

Black, Green, Pink, Purple, Red


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