Yalla! Go… | 4 in 1 Islamic game cards


Yalla! Go… | 4 in 1 Game Cards

Book Name Yalla! Go… | 4 in 1 Game Cards
Author Yousuf Sunnah
Category Game cards
Publisher Muslim Stickers
Language Arabic
Size 2.5 x 3 inches
Binding Tick Art Laminated Card
Number of Cards 72

“Discover the joy of learning Arabic with ‘Yalla! Go…’ Islamic Game Cards – a versatile educational product offering 4 engaging games in 1 box. With 72 vibrant cards featuring Arabic flashcards and essential nouns, ‘Yalla! Go…’ is designed to make language acquisition enjoyable for learners of all ages.

Each card is meticulously crafted to aid in Arabic language comprehension, from mastering individual letter forms to reinforcing key vocabulary. Whether you’re a beginner seeking to build a strong foundation or an advanced learner looking to enhance your skills, ‘Yalla! Go…’ provides a dynamic and immersive learning experience.

Ideal for families, classrooms, and cultural centers, ‘Yalla! Go…’ Islamic Game Cards promote interactive learning while deepening understanding of Islamic culture and language. Elevate your educational journey and unlock the richness of the Arabic language with ‘Yalla! Go…’ today!

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