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Activated Charcoal Soap (Pack of 3)


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  • ACTIVATED CHARCOAL BENEFITS: Activated charcoal draws dirt and other micro-particles to the surface of skin, helping you to achieve a flawless complexion and mitigate skin conditions. Activated charcoal powder is proven to absorb thousands of times its own mass in harmful substances
  • DETOX, CLEANSE, HEAL, TONE: The Dead Sea’s rich mineral salts and activated charcoal deeply cleanse, heal and tone the skin while restoring the natural PH.
  • RELIEVE PSORIASIS, ECZEMA, AND ACNE: Dead Sea Mineral Salts have become famous for its many natural therapeutic ways to treat and care for problem skin, due to its rare composition of minerals at high concentrations. One With Nature Dead Sea Salts are harvested from the southern Dead Sea, where mineral content is at its highest.
  • DEEP CLEANSING: The Charcoal Soap Bar deep cleanses your skin and draws out toxins due to the powerful cleansing properties of Activated Charcoal.
  • EXFOLIATES SKIN: The Charcoal Soap Bar’s anti-bacterial properties not only kills germs but also exfoliates skin. It banishes blemishes and toxins and gives your skin a smoother texture.
  • INGREDIENTS: Pure Coconut Oil / Neutralized Caustic (Lye) / Purified Water / Essential Oil / Flour Oil

Fights against acne and blackheads: Using the Charcoal Soap Bar regularly can help fight against acne, bumps and blackheads by removing dirt and other agents from the skin. Prevents dryness: Natural oils, such as Coconut, Patchouli Oil, etc. present in the soap bar hydrate the skin. This helps prevents dryness during deep cleansing. It is skin friendly and it rejuvenates the skin. It purifies skin by absorbing unwanted oils and toxins from the skin and pulls them out. Activated charcoal binds with the dirt lodged in the pores of skin and cleans the pores completely, that makes skin acne and spots free. Its Natural ingredients fight aging while moisturizing the skin and make skin smoother and spots free. Anyone can use this activated charcoal soap at any age, it can be used on all skin types including oily skin, dry skin, acne prone skin or sensitive skin, It helps improving the complexion and the quality of your skin Wow soap can handle many skin problems to help keep your skin soft, smooth and shining. It is a home remedy for pimples, wrinkles, blackness from Sun tan and black spots. It also has antiseptic properties along with being cooling and soothing that can heal your skin and keep it looking fresh & healthy glowing. It helps to lighten your skin and helps you get rid of fine facial hairs. It has the ability to remove the excess hair from the face, especially the mouth and chin. It has natural bleaching properties. It will draw impurities from the skin and skin pores and leave your skin looking fresh and young. It has essential fats, minerals and vitamins which reduce hair breakage. The vitamin C and antioxidants present in mung dal can also reverse hair loss. This pulse promotes hair growth and also conditions the hair. The green gram powder is rich in protein which helps skin maintain a youthful glow. It also acts as a good exfoliant to remove dead skin cells.


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