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Rose Petals Soap (Pack of 3)


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About this item
  • 1.Rose Patels Soap – Made with / of Pure Coconut Oil / Not added artificial color Chemical & Cruelty Free / No animal fat
  • 2.INGREDIENTS: Pure Coconut Oil / Neutralized Caustic (Lye) / Purified Water / Essential Oil / Gram Flavour
  • 3.Pure Naturals Rose Soap keeps your skin hydrated and makes it supple and moist. Soap is your best choice for a relaxing bath experience. It provides a soothing sensation and keeps you feel comfortable and energetic throughout the day. It helps improving your skin tone and texture. It is a wonderful Glycerin moisturizing soap that works perfectly on both areas of your skin: dry and oily
  • 4.Rose helps lock moisture into your skin and makes it more smooth. It also rejuvenates and replenishes your skin.Soaps are made from 100% vegan, sustainable, ethically sourced ingredients and are enriched with 100% pure essential oils having soothing properties
  • 5.Rose Soap can safely be used on all skin types.Soap helps remove excess oil from the skin and protects it against blemishes and impurities. It helps getting rid of skin impurities and oil without over-drying your skin.
  • 6.It promotes your skin health by improving skin function While the rose petal extracts moisturize your skin and enchant you with its fragrance, the geranium oil exfoliates your skin and leaves it super soft and smooth It revives your senses, smoothens your skin and leaves you with a vibrant fragrance.



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